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We are reaching out for your support. The Salvage Art Institute has been engaged with artworks damaged beyond repair in order to understand their afterlife and consider how they captivate us beyond established notions of market value and artistic integrity. We are delighted to report that since its inaugural No Longer Art exhibition at Columbia University in 2012 the Salvage Art Institute has continued to expand its program of exhibitions and discussions, having recently exhibited, for example, a first European case study in collaboration with AXA Art France. As we expand our research to other geographies, we continue to focus on conversations as our chief mode of operation. Our dialogues with artists, poets, architects, anthropologists, and others have only multiplied and, more importantly, intensified.

Having arrived at this point, we are working on two major projects that will frame and solidify the Salvage Art Institute's efforts. One is to create a permanent home base for the Salvage Art Institute that will house its inventory. Our plan is to build an ittinerant houseboat which will also serve as a space for research and discussions. In addition, we are pursuing our interest in not only documenting the debates we have been engaged in but also generating new writing through publishing SAI anthology.

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Elka Krajewska & SAI Team